Archives for September 2013

Book Review: Soap Craft by Diana Peacock

This small book has an enticing photo on the cover of home made soap decorated with sprigs of herbs. The first thirty-nine pages are indeed about soapmaking (although those include the Introduction and 9 pages on essential oils). However, this book only has 128 pages. Apart from these early pages the bulk of the book […]

Book Review: Make Your Own Skincare Products by Sally Hornsey

In this helpful little book on making your own skincare products, Sally sensibly assumes no knowledge at all on the part of the reader and starts by covering the basics. Thankfully, she has not padded out the pages with unnecessary information or descriptions but explains what to do, why you should do it and any […]

Book Review: Natural Soap by Melinda Coss

This is the most recent of Melinda’s books on soapmaking and, as she herself admits, incorporates certain changes in procedures from those described in her earlier books, which experience has shown her to be beneficial. The end result is a comprehensive and well-written book which tells it like it is. Some may not like to […]