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Awareness letter to MP’s, MEP’s and other elected representatives

Letter to MP’s – text below – this text is copyright free, meaning that it can freely be used by anyone. If you change anything that’s up to you – I will be delivering copies of this for each MP and other elected representatives to the House mail room early next week: Urgent appeal for help […]

Is sustainable palm oil becoming the new norm?

Palm oil is the most produced oil in the world today. Its annual production reached 49 million tonnes (Mt) in 2011. Indonesia and Malaysia, with 24 Mt and 18 Mt respectively, contribute to 85{0b218882f1ccfe7a3275ae7bbe9d656cfafc5eaab3e2452200d025fc9f1cffbd} of worldwide palm oil production and major consumers include India, China and the European Union. 80{0b218882f1ccfe7a3275ae7bbe9d656cfafc5eaab3e2452200d025fc9f1cffbd} of all palm oil produced […]