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basic excel accounts

This will be available for a little while only – feedback useful so that I can tweak it… Guild Income Tracker

Welcome to the GCSTM Blog

Here you will find information and articles about EU legislation regarding handmade soap and toiletries making; some technical information such as pointers and materials for making soap, cosmetics, and toiletries at home in a safe and successful way; articles from relevant organisations s09uch as the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills; and lots more. You’re […]

Cosmetics — Open Access Journal

Cosmetics (ISSN 2079-9284) is an international, scientific, open access journal on the science and technology of cosmetics published quarterly online by MDPI. The first issue will be released in 2013. There is currently an article: “Dimeric Surfactants: Promising Ingredients of Cosmetics and Toiletries” available:

Scottish Bees using heather produce honey with some unique properties

  Researchers from Glasgow University have said that Scottish Bees using heather produce honey with some unique properties – move over Manuka? Honey has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties: it was prized by the ancient Egyptians and is widely used today in veterinary medicine as a wound dressing. The most famous honey used […]

Why the Guild does not reply to many emails it receives

There is a bit of a backlash due to lack of response to emails and a few posts on the face book page. A useful reminder at this point that the Guild is a peer support organisation established for 2 very specific reasons – to raise awareness of the cosmetics products safety regulations’ and to […]

Don’t waste money on PDF encryption software

A member was going to invest a fair wedge of cash in a software program to password protect and encrypt some material they want to publish in a PDF ebook. This information might be useful to a few others – as one of the issues that every publisher has to deal with is copyright infringement […]

beware calls from Google adwords

Cold callers are getting busy again – anyone calling you from google listing? I’ve had a few different companies misrepresent themselves to me this way this year – what they are basically doing is offering an SEO service to help get your google listing ranked higher – I’d advise strongly against having any conversation whatsoever […]

Quality books free of charge

Many of you may find this resource very useful – its a site that provides  books on a wide range of subjects free of charge (PDF format, download). The books contain advertising, which is why they are free to users, I’ve read several and found them of exceptionally high quality in both format and content. […]

How not to run a shop or stall

I won a bet recently – I said that a local shop would be closed down and out of business before the end of this year – this despite it being in a prime location with lots of foot traffic. It was a classic example of how not to run a business – it was […]

How the self-employed can employ contractors

How do employ people without risking legal entanglements or breaking the bank when you are self-employed or an SME? I found a solution to this problem years ago after several very unsatisfactory experiences – paying agencies for staff who spend a day training then getting sent to another job the next day and so on […]

Book Review: Make Your Own Perfume by Sally Hornsey

One gets the impression that Sally Hornsey thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. It has a slight quirkiness and the personality of the author shines through. As with Sally’s other book, “Make Your Own Skincare Products”, this is a basic hands-on how-to book with no frills, but the writing has a lightness of touch which her […]