Advisory Panel

Helen Williams – Founder of Fresholi

Helen has helped guide the Guild from its early days. She founded and runs Fresholi, which is a major website for handmade soap & lotion makers where information & inspiration is shared freely. Whether just looking to find a maker of handmade soaps and lotions, tinkering with the idea of making it yourself, a budding crafter or a fully fledged expert, Fresholi aim to offer something for everyone –

Michael O’Sullivan, Registrar – Founder of GCSTM

Mike has been making soap for personal use for many years and and also previously taught the art of soap making. He became interested in the idea of raising public awareness of quality after purchasing an untested bar of soap at a market, and after using it having a bad reaction which took several hours to calm down. After the bar of soap was checked by an experienced soapmaker it was deemed to have been cheaply produced and scented using far too much fragrance or essential oils – Mike is co-founder and managing director of Peer Publishing Ltd

Scott Grainger CSci CChem MRSC, Safety Assessor – Founder of Cosmetic Safety Assessments and Consultancy

Scott is a chartered chemist and has earned a reputation for being helpful, professional and approachable. Scott advises the Guild on issues related to Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations –