Book Review: Make Your Own Perfume by Sally Hornsey

Book cover: clear bottle of lavendar coloured perfume sitting on bed of red and pink rose petals

Make Your Own Perfume by Sally Hornsey

One gets the impression that Sally Hornsey thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. It has a slight quirkiness and the personality of the author shines through.

As with Sally’s other book, “Make Your Own Skincare Products”, this is a basic hands-on how-to book with no frills, but the writing has a lightness of touch which her other book (good as it is) somewhat lacks. The result is that it’s an enjoyable read.

It takes the reader through the basics of perfumery and there are a number of formulations to try out. It should have been made clear on the cover that these perfumes are made using essential oils and not synthetic chemicals as it is this which enables the average person to take up this fascinating hobby, essential oils being far easier to obtain than some of the ingredients of commercially produced perfume.

Anyone who has an interest in perfumery and likes making things will enjoy this book.