Book Review: Make Your Own Skincare Products by Sally Hornsey

Book cover: a white jar of white cream wrapped in a bright green leaf

Make Your Own Skincare Products by Sally Hornsey

In this helpful little book on making your own skincare products, Sally sensibly assumes no knowledge at all on the part of the reader and starts by covering the basics. Thankfully, she has not padded out the pages with unnecessary information or descriptions but explains what to do, why you should do it and any pitfalls you should look out for in a matter of fact manner. This is very much a “how to” book, rather than one designed to showcase the talents of the author and is all the better for it.

There’s a surprising amount of information packed into this book with a number of lists and tables to refer to as and when needed. There are also a satisfying number of formulations to try out.

The book would have been enhanced by the use of coloured photos as opposed to black and white (or, strangely, in some cases blue and white). However, it is obvious that the publishers were working within a budget and given this constraint it is well presented.

This book constitutes a nice unpretentious starting point for anyone wanting to experiment with making their own skincare products.