Book Review: Natural Soap by Melinda Coss

book cover: closeup of big chunk of handmade lavendar soap

Natural Soap by Melinda Coss

This is the most recent of Melinda’s books on soapmaking and, as she herself admits, incorporates certain changes in procedures from those described in her earlier books, which experience has shown her to be beneficial. The end result is a comprehensive and well-written book which tells it like it is. Some may not like to hear that healing properties of oils will to a large extent be destroyed by the soapmaking process or that setting up a soapmaking business requires skills which are at least if not more important than the ability to make nice soap.

However, this is a good buy and even experienced soapmakers will find something of interest in it as Melinda has included formulations based on her experiences in Africa and the product she found there.

There is a section on spa products which is just the right length, constituting an introduction to the subject rather than attempting to go into the creation of spa products in depth.

The photography is excellent and in general enhances the book both visually and as a means of providing information.

It is, in fact, hard to fault this book. Will you learn everything about soapmaking from it? No. But you will learn enough to start making nice soap and to gain a realistic idea of what running a soapmaking business involves.