Don’t waste money on PDF encryption software

A member was going to invest a fair wedge of cash in a software program to password protect and encrypt some material they want to publish in a PDF ebook.

This information might be useful to a few others – as one of the issues that every publisher has to deal with is copyright infringement – which is actually theft and can lead to criminal sanctions. However I digress!

The ONLY way to stop someone stealing your work is to never, ever, ever publish it – once you’ve typed and printed it out stick it in a safe and bury it in your garden. Consider filling the hole in with armoured cement and stick a few anti-personnel booby traps around it.

Theres a small chance that these simple precautions might work (wouldn’t stop me though lol)

It is impossible to protect a PDF – I’ve demonstrated this by sending back someones PDF content in a word document 10 minutes after the author sent it to me – after they’d spent a couple of hundred quid on a piece of software designed to prevent exactly that from happening.

What about the sellers claims on their site?

Not impressed!

I don’t care if its ‘impregnable’, encryption strenght as used by the US military (cos we know they’ve never been hacked right?), or recommended by some University professor specislist in data security with more nose hairs than any human being should legally be allowed to possess – the simple answer is save your money – a sensible program like is what I use and it does me.