Notes for safety assessors

When someone joins the Guild, they are asked to produce copies of their product safety assessments. These documents have to be issued and signed by a qualified safety assessor.

When we receive an application from someone who presents a safety assessment issued by an assessor that we already know then membership is a formality.

When we receive an application from someone who presents an assessment from someone that we do not know then we ask that the assessor provide us with a brief email outlining their qualifications and experience, including a copy of any documentation such as university degree etc.

We do not retain this information once checked.

It is important that we receive such information directly from the assessor themselves. Unfortunately, we have had to delay some applications due to lack of response from some safety assessors. In these cases, we do not enter into extended correspondence but refer the lack of communication back to the customer for them to resolve the issue with their assessor.

Lack of response should not be taken to mean that the assessor does not hold the relevant qualifications. However, this is a basic precaution that we insist on for historic reasons.

It is very important to note that the regulations place onus on the responsible person for ensuring that their chosen assessor is both appropriately qualified and experienced to provide product safety assessments. This responsibility cannot be outsourced to a third party.

It is up to safety assessors to verify and stand by their own qualifications and experience and customers should carry out their own checks prior to entering into any contracts. The checks that we carry out are very basic and may not stand up to scrutiny by statutory authorities. Any claims that the Guild has validated someones qualifications are false and should be reported to us.

The Guild is first and foremost a peer support network, not a professional or trade body and does not operate as such.