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Nathalie Vandevoorde
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All Natural Handmade soap In our family we have been trying hard to reduce single use plastic waste a few years now. This was prooving to be a challenge. But makers make the changes they want to see. Our stay in South of France inspired me to start making soap bars for our family. And the beginning of a new passion. All soap is made with natural oils and butters, subtly scented with essential oils and coloured with herbs or clays. Moving away from chemicals and going back to the basics of nature has given our family a new approach to the ritual of bathing. Using a soap bar that produces a luscious creamy abundant lather, that cleans without drying your skin feels familiar and comforting. Sustainability and Slow Fashion At Upstream Studio we are very conscious of the impact our modern lifestyle has on our surroundings. Mass production and disposable plastic are a huge problem. We are firm believers of slow fashion being the only way forward.
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