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babybathbombs is an exclusive baby safe skincare brand. We manufacture safe, ecological products which are enjoyed by babies, children and parents. Our baby products are loved by babies and mums who choose safe baby bathing products for their children. Here at babybathbombs we care about what goes on to your babies skin. We researched baby products, skin safety and ingredients for a very long time. We believe baby products shouldn’t contain ingredients that are bad for your baby or the environment. Our certified products for babies are skin safe, allergy free, delicately fragranced and exquisitely designed. Our mild ingredients support and protect thin and delicate newborn skin. Our products are gentle for sensitive and allergy prone skin and those with dry skin and eczema can enjoy the benefits of our safe products to calm during bath time. Sodium Bicarbonate is renowned for it's soothing properties and can relieve problems such as redness and irritation. We're proud that our baby bath bombs are safe baby products that support the well being of babies and children. We've spent years perfecting our methods to ensure you and your little one get a fun, fizzy and lightly fragranced bath bomb. Once discovered, you and your little ones will wonder how you enjoyed bath times without them! We make the finest bath confections which are free from preservatives, SLS, SLES, parabens, soap, dyes animal products and animal testing. All colours used in our products are non-toxic and safe and all our fragrances are allergy free. All of our baby bath products are so gentle they are certified safe for babies over three months old. More than this, we pride ourselves on offering absolutely skin safe and allergy free bath bombs for babies, children and adults. We're also happy to be Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and are actively against all and any animal testing. We manufacture safe, ecological bath bomb baby products with superior quality that can be enjoyed by babies, children and parents. Our baby bath bombs are loved by mums and dads who choose safe and high quality baby and child bath products for their little ones.
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