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Stacey Siddons
United Kingdom
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Bean and Boy is a family-run business making soap by hand in Southend-on-Sea, UK. We started making soap for our family when our daughter developed a mild form of eczema that was made worse by commercially-produced soaps and washes. We spent months researching, and tried out loads of different recipes and combinations to find the ones that work for our daughter’s skin – and for us too. We settled on a combination of high quality ingredients, unfussy essential oil blends, and a slow soap-making process that is as close to the ancient traditional methods as possible. There’s nothing else added: no preservatives, no colourants, no fragrances and no additional heat to speed things up. The best things take time, and proper soap is worth waiting for. What started out as a necessity and family hobby quickly grew into a mini production line in our kitchen as friends and family started coming back for more. When they began “pre-ordering” before batches had cured, we knew we’d hit onto something special that we couldn’t keep to ourselves anymore. Since then we’ve had our soap recipes certified and we have introduced new combinations specifically targeted at problematic skin. We are also about to open our virtual shop doors at Etsy, and are selling at markets around Essex. We still make our soap in the kitchen, and each batch is carefully made by hand using the traditional cold process method. We don’t add anything to speed up the process, and we keep things as natural as possible. Each batch is given the full six weeks to cure before we share them with you. We are really proud of our soaps and we hope you love them as much as we do. From our family to yours. Stacey & Graeme
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