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Pamper & Charm Handmade Bath Bombs, is situated in the heart of East Sussex, England. Pamper & Charm is a newly launched company, opening its doors to online sales in December 2017. Pamper & Charm was dreamt up back in December 2016, when Julie the face behind the company, purely by chance found herself enjoying bath bombs and learning to make them. After a year of research, failed recipes, thinking outside the box, learning to adapt to weather changes ( the effects, the slightest weather changes can have on a bath bomb is truly overwhelming) and perfecting her technique, Julie submitted her bath bomb recipes to be Safety Assessed by a qualified Cosmetic Assessor to ensure that Pamper & Charm's Bath Bombs were of the highest quality and safety for sale to the public. All of Pamper & Charm's Bath Bombs are made by hand and in small batches to ensure that each bath bomb is made of the highest quality. Each Bath Bomb is decorated by hand and by Airbrush to give each one a truly unique finish.
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