Video: Why ‘hypoallergenic’ isn’t a thing

Video: Why ‘hypoallergenic’ isn’t a thing:

Future of Formulations in Cosmetics, 3rd – 4th June 2015, London, UK

Note: Inclusion of this announcement is not an endorsement Future of Formulations in Cosmetics, 3rd – 4th June 2015, London, UK (Increasing the quality of personal care products) Two Day “Future of Formulations in Cosmetics” conference is due to take place in 3rd – 4th in June 2015 in London. Speakers and Delegates of the […]

Concern over Skin Whitener Marketing

Concern over Skin Whitener Marketing from the James Cook University: A study led by a James Cook University marketing expert has raised concerns over the ethics of the marketing of skin-whitening products, widely available in Australia

Entering the Nano Era

The article author stares: “From electronics to photonics, information storage, communication, catalysis, energy, medicine, homeland security environment protection, cosmetics, and even building construction, every one of them could benefit from nanomaterials,” Read more at: See also: Cosmetics containing nanomaterials

York-led network releases first oil palm policy report

York-led network releases first oil palm policy report (Published on 8 July 2014) A knowledge exchange network led by the University of York, which aims to increase the use of scientific evidence to guide oil palm policy, has produced its first science for policy report. The report – ‘Change in carbon stocks arising from land-use conversion […]

National Awareness Campaign Leaftlet

Published as part of our National awareness campaign – August 2013 Hand crafted soaps and toiletries are very popular, but how do you know if they are safe or legal? The manufacture and sale of soaps and toiletry products must comply with the Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations. This applies to ALL cosmetic products supplied in the UK […]

News from Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

These documents were by BIS (March 2013) and although one has draft in the title we’ve been informed that they are the final published version – other updates may follow however after feedback from the market to BIS. PDF format: bis-13-721-consultation-on-enforcing-regulation-on-cosmetic-products Draft Cosmetic Products Enforcement Regulations 2013 Other documents of interest: Review of the Regulation […]

Announcing new Guild forum to replace face book page

Due to problems with the Guild Face Book page a forum will be incorporated into this web site instead: First off I think that that face book providing this service free is amazing and they have helped millions of people to connect in ways that were previously unthinkable. OK, that’s the positive bit… However they […]

Welcome to the GCSTM Blog

Here you will find information and articles about EU legislation regarding handmade soap and toiletries making; some technical information such as pointers and materials for making soap, cosmetics, and toiletries at home in a safe and successful way; articles from relevant organisations s09uch as the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills; and lots more. You’re […]

Scottish Bees using heather produce honey with some unique properties

  Researchers from Glasgow University have said that Scottish Bees using heather produce honey with some unique properties – move over Manuka? Honey has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties: it was prized by the ancient Egyptians and is widely used today in veterinary medicine as a wound dressing. The most famous honey used […]

Why the Guild does not reply to many emails it receives

There is a bit of a backlash due to lack of response to emails and a few posts on the face book page. A useful reminder at this point that the Guild is a peer support organisation established for 2 very specific reasons – to raise awareness of the cosmetics products safety regulations’ and to […]

Awareness letter to MP’s, MEP’s and other elected representatives

Letter to MP’s – text below – this text is copyright free, meaning that it can freely be used by anyone. If you change anything that’s up to you – I will be delivering copies of this for each MP and other elected representatives to the House mail room early next week: Urgent appeal for help […]